Discovering God's Grace in Depression

A Personal Story of God's Intimate Love and Sufficiency


How I Learned to Live with Depression

I love Jesus more than anything in this world, but more importantly, Jesus loves me. I wrote a book about learning to live under the most tormenting condition: depression, by learning to embrace God’s grace to me and how to embrace the righteousness He credited to me when He said, “It Is Finished!” It’s what the gospel is all about!

Join me!

Interview with the Author

Our guest on today’s episode is Author Heidi Austel. Heidi shares her story of learning to live with her clinical depression, which lasted almost 12 years. She talks about how God showed her how to reconcile her life from her illness by rebuilding her with a faith that worked, even in depression.

That Piercing Question

When I finally recognized that God was in all my questions, all the angst, all the struggles to find my righteousness in myself, and discovered that it was He that had helped me find my way off of my perceived, righteousness hamster wheel, that is when I heard the “voice” of Jesus, lovingly and tenderly…

My Grace Is Sufficient for You!

“But deep in the recesses of my soul I found a grace that removed the heaviest of impossible expectations of perfection and self-control from my shoulders and my broken heart. And that, my friends—that grace made it just bearable.” Discovering God’s Grace in Depression

The Solid Rock of the Gospel

All those years as a believer, I never fully understood the full provision of the gospel. And because I didn’t understand it, I didn’t have the assurance in full faith to believe it.


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