Discovering God's Grace in Depression

A Personal Story of God's Intimate Love and Sufficiency


How I Learned to Live with Depression

I love Jesus more than anything in this world, but more importantly, Jesus loves me. I wrote a book about learning to live under the most tormenting condition: depression, by learning to embrace God’s grace to me and how to embrace the righteousness He credited to me when He said, “It Is Finished!” It’s what the gospel is all about!

Join me!

Foundational Truth #12

God is okay with our brokenness. My brokenness and yours is why Jesus came to earth. He died for my sins so He could past my brokenness in love. Because of this, some of us who have felt like utter failures have found more freedom in Christ in our brokenness than we ever felt while trying to find fulfillment in our successes. It is because it was through our brokenness that God became so tender and real to us.

Foundational Truth #11

“I had to accept that God never promised me explanations and He didn’t have to answer to me. But as long as His presence didn’t condemn me, His presence was the only thing that could comfort me.”

Music Playlists: The Conclusion of My Story (Section Five)

Section Five (only 3 chapters) describes specifically how God healed me and how my journey with depression changed me. I discovered hope and peace when I embraced the God of grace and mercy and I will be forever grateful. I long for you to find this same hope and peace in the gracious, tender eyes of your Savior.


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