Heidi was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2003. Suddenly, she felt crushed under the deepest despair she had ever known. Devastated, she found that everything that functioned so well before, including her faith, simply didn’t in depression. The numbness and sadness tormented her mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She felt abandoned, judged and rejected by God and others. No longer able to feel the sweet fellowship of her Savior, she felt incapable of pleasing Him the way she thought a Christian should and was afraid that God might even be angry with her. Feeling lost in an endless sea of shame, judgment, confusion, anger, fear and grief, how could she live this way?

For 12 years, as she daily wet her pillow with tears of pain, loneliness, unacceptability and feeling unloved, God graciously demonstrated His mercy and compassion to her. He showed her how to reconcile her faith with her illness by rebuilding her from the inside out with a faith that worked, even in depression. Far from offering a book of formulas, Heidi’s honest, intimate storytelling will thoughtfully walk you through her journey from utter brokenness to spiritual peace and emotional relief. He showed her a way to bear up under the incapacitating effects of depression and soothed away her “not-good-enough” woeful laments.

If you suffer from depression, this book is specifically for you. Heidi lovingly, passionately and exhaustively addresses the worst of your symptoms and offers you a biblical way to reconcile your faith with your affliction.

Family, friends, pastors and churches also need this book. As much as many want to minister to the depressed, for the most part, they do not know how to ease their suffering. Let Heidi be their voice, telling you things they could never say themselves, helping you better understand the wounded hearts of those who need to feel loved.

This book is an eye-opening call to embrace grace for yourself! It is also a call to teach biblical, grace-saturated, gospel principles in order to more effectively minister to these whom Jesus calls us to show mercy. As a bonus, the book is packed with practical and spiritual suggestions to offer you and loved ones additional support.

Discovering God’s Grace in Depression is honest, intuitive, insightful and without clicheic answers. God’s amazing grace changes everything!